rates - AN Affordable cruise experience

Entry rate starts at € 1.299 per person*


* 4 people sharing a category 6V interior stateroom; tax, port fees and tips included, all food in main restaurants and snack bars included, water and flavored water drinks included, all on-board party program included. 



- All rates includes port fee and tips.

- If you book a single stateroom, prices for double occupancy apply.

- You are welcome to request 1/2 stateroom.

- Most staterooms can be shared by up to 4 people.


Rates are per person in a stateroom in €


SUITES                                             SOLD OUT




1A  Ultra Spacious Ocn View w/large Balcony SOLD OUT

1C  Ocean View Stateroom w/large Balcony   SOLD OUT

2C  Ocean View Stateroom w/large Balcony           2.430

1D  Ocean View Stateroom w/Balcony                     2.370

2D  Ocean View Stateroom w/Balcony                     2.340

4D Ocean View Stateroom w/Balcony                      2.280

5D Ocean View Stateroom w/Balcony                      2.245

6D Ocean View Stateroom w/Balcony                      2.190

7D Ocean View Stateroom w/Balcony *                   2.155

8D Ocean View Stateroom w/Balcony                      2.099

1i  Ocean View Stateroom w/Balcony                      2.129

2i  Boardwalk View Staterom w/Balcony                 2.075

4i  Boardwalk View Staterom w/Balcony                 2.015

1J  Central Park View Stateroom w/Balcony          1.995

2J  Central Park View Stateroom w/Balcony          1.925

1K  Ultra Spacious Ocn View Stateroom        SOLD OUT

1N Ocean View Stateroom                                         1.925

2N  Ocean View Stateroom                                     1.895

6N  Ocean View Stateroom                                        1.835

1S  Centrak Park View Interior Stateroom               1.825

1R  Spacious Interior Stateroom                     SOLD OUT

1T Promenade View Interior Stateroom                  1.745

1V  Interior Stateroom                                                1.699

2V  Interior Stateroom                                                1.675

3V  Interior Stateroom                                                1.655

4V  Interior Stateroom                                                1.630

6V   Interior Stateroom *                                            1.570

        Additional Guest in Room                                  1.125


* Category available for DISCOVERY room share program.


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Excursion rates

       TBA - will be announced shortly


Hotel nights            

         Madrid                          4* Hotel from 139€

          Barcelona                    4* Hotel from 159€           

          Sitges                           4* Hotel from 119€

          Lissabon                      4* Hotel from 129€


 Please ask for details.



Upon confirmation, a fixed prepayment will be requested.


- Second deposit is due on February 26, 2019

- Final payments for this cruise are due on May 27, 2019.


Credit card payments are accepted. For credit card payments we cooperate with payrexx, an easy online payment system.

Please check Terms and Conditions to avoid misunderstandings.