Sailing with Discovery Events

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One week is short. The on-board program is outstanding that you can‘t do it all at once. Time is very limited in all the breathtaking destinations during your Mediterranean cruise.


  • Our hosts know the ship by heart and all the party concepts, dress codes etc. as they have been sailing on Atlatis many times, they are your best buddies for any recommandations!
  • They are locales that will help you to pick the best excursions and will share with you all must sees and must dos!
  • They welcome you when you arrive in Barcelona and on board for your first orientation on the mega huge Oasis of the Seas, the biggest ship on the oceans today.
  • They will answer all other questions you may have before or during the cruise to individualize your journey and make it just perfect for you!
  • Let us surprise you with more extras to be announced shortly before we sail...
  • For sure they dont't do it by the book!


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