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Terms & Conditions


Our Particular Terms and Conditions of Sale (PTCS) are available as a printable PDF that you can download here.



Important notice

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale DISCOVEY International Events + Tours ("DISCOVERY Events") form an integral part of the Contract entered into by DISCOVERY Events and the Traveller. The Particular Terms and Conditions of Sale (PTCS) – which are specific to each Cruise season, summer or winter – may create an exception to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. In any event, the specifications of the Cruise Ticket and of the Passenger Ticket shall prevail over the General and Particular Terms and Conditions of Sale. All these contractual documents make up the Contract entered into by DISCOVERY Events and the Traveller.

In the event that a provision in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and/or in the Contract breaches a mandatory legal provision, and/or is considered as invalid, this invalidity shall not affect the validity of the other clauses.


Whether or not signed by you, this DISCOVERY Events Guest Reservation Terms and Conditions agreement (this "Agreement") shall be deemed to be an acceptance and agreement by you, and on behalf of all other persons traveling under this ticket, to be bound by all the terms and conditions set out herein.


DISCOVERY Events acts solely in the capacity as agent / broker and shall have no responsibility for the acts and omissions of the airlines, cruise lines, hotels, resort operators, transportation companies, tour operators, and other suppliers providing services (collectively the "Supplier").


Booking a shared stateroom

If booking a shared stateroom with 3 or 4 guests the initial booking must state 3 or 4 names.


Deposit and Payment Schedule

A deposit (as described below) must accompany all reservations to confirm your space on any program. A schedule of payments is listed. If you are paying by credit card at no extra, the final payment and additional deposits will be automatically charged as indicated, unless DISCOVERY Events is notified at least 5 business days before such payment is due. Failure to make timely payments of any reservation will cause your reservation to be cancelled without notice and all amounts paid to date held in accordance with DISCOVERY Events' cancellation policies. Cancellation penalties start at the time of booking.


DISCOVERY Events is insured against bankruptcy through the group insurance Travel Safe in cooperaration with HDI and Zurich Insurances. This means that your deposits are insured in case of bankruptcy, and that your booking is protected by the German law on holidays, which gives you a maximum protection.


Deposit Amount


- Atlantis 720 € per person

- Events 50%


Balance due


Second deposit is due on February 26, 2019

Final payments for this cruise are due on May 27, 2019.


Travel Documents


Your airline tickets and/or charter vouchers, travel documents, passenger ticket contract and all other pertinent travel information will be sent to either you or your travel agent approximately 2 weeks prior to your departure. Full text of the essential information required to travel is also normally posted on the DISCOVERY Events site approximately 3 weeks prior to departure.

Some documents are sent electronically and will be sent via email or other electronic method.


Paper documents will be also delivered to destinations outside of the EU. These guests can receive their documents electronically, or may pick up full travel documents by request upon arrival at the cruise, resort, or event. Travel documents will not be sent to guests who have not returned their correctly signed DISCOVERY Events Confirmation Form by 3 weeks prior to departure, or for guests who reserve within 3 weeks of departure. For these guests, documents will be held for collection at the cruise, resort, or event.


Passport & Visa Requirements


All passports, visas and other travel documents required for travel, embarkation and disembarkation, and at all ports of call or otherwise required to gain entry to all countries are your sole responsibility. All international travel requires a valid passport. Visas may be required, depending on the destination. Citizens of countries other than the EU should contact an embassy or consulate of the destination country for specific entry requirements.

DISCOVERY Events will assist with visa information.


But these documents are your responsibility and DISCOVERY Events is not responsible for any delays you may encounter due to incomplete or incorrect documentation, nor shall DISCOVERY Events or its Supplier, as defined below, have any liability therefore. Should you fail to possess valid documentation, you will be denied boarding or entry and will not be entitled to any refund. Your full compliance with all customs regulations and all local and national laws is your own responsibility.


DISCOVERY Events Fair Rate Guarantee


Once DISCOVERY Events has received your deposit or full payment, your rate is secure except in the event of substantial increases in operating costs, fuel surcharges, tariffs or taxes prior to the departure date. In such cases, we reserve the right to add a surcharge, not to exceed €150 per person. All assessed government or quasi-government fees and taxes are subject to change without notice at any time, and we reserve the right to add a surcharge for these fees and taxes whether you have a confirmed booking under deposit or have made final payment. Should DISCOVERY Events lower the rate for your specified class of accommodation, you may request either the lower rate or an upgrade to the class of accommodation that matches the rate you originally paid. The choice is yours. Credits will be issued in the form of an onboard credit to your account. No refunds will be issued for unused credits.


Please note that this only applies to accommodations booked or held by DISCOVERY Events' Supplier and does not apply to airline tickets, outside tours, pre and post cruise hotels, and other services that DISCOVERY Events may offer as an add-on option.


Liability and Responsibility


You hereby agree that you have read and understand the passenger ticket contract issued by Supplier (the "Ticket"). The Ticket and all of its definitions, terms and conditions are hereby incorporated into this Agreement by reference. You further agree that the liability of Supplier to you is strictly limited and governed by the definitions, terms and conditions contained in the Ticket. A copy of the Ticket is available upon request and will be provided with your final travel documents, and can be referenced on Supplier's current internet site. You agree to be bound by the general terms and conditions of Supplier's program and guest policy as detailed in their current brochure. A copy of these terms and conditions is available upon request. You also agree to hold DISCOVERY Events free of responsibility for, and to bear the sole risk of any delay, claim, liability, loss or accident occasioned by the fault or negligence of any Supplier or other person or company entrusted with such service.


All coupons, vouchers, receipts and tickets issued to you by DISCOVERY Events and its Suppliers are hereby expressly made subject to the definitions, terms and conditions specified in the Ticket. By making your reservation and agreeing to utilize the services and accommodations of DISCOVERY Events and Supplier, you agree that neither DISCOVERY Events nor Supplier, nor their affiliates, agents, principals, employees, or representatives shall be liable for any loss, injury, or damage to you or your belongings, or otherwise in connection with any accommodations, transportation, or your DISCOVERY Events trip, or for trip cancellations, delays, changes in itinerary or schedule, or other services whether or not resulting directly or indirectly from any occurrence beyond their control, including without limitation, Acts of God, breakdown of the Vessel, hostilities, blockades, labor conflicts, strikes aboard ship or on land, war, fire, collision, arrest, order or restraint by governmental authorities or others, acts of terrorism, civil commotions, weather conditions and considerations of safety of the Vessel, or other circumstances.


In the event of interruption, changes, delays or cancellation of your DISCOVERY Events trip for any reason, or in the event of default, real or alleged, of any kind by DISCOVERY Events or Supplier, or your claim that DISCOVERY Events or Supplier has for whatever reason failed to perform its respective obligations to you, the sole liability of DISCOVERY Events and Supplier to you shall be to refund all monies theretofore paid by you for all obligations not then performed or for which you have not yet received benefit. DISCOVERY Events and Supplier shall not be liable or responsible to you for any other costs incurred by you, including but not limited to, travel costs and other costs incurred by you in preparation of your DISCOVERY Events trip, or for any other consequential damages arising from, or as a result of, such cancellation.


All travel arrangements made for or by you for air transportation, shore excursions, ground tours, ground transportation, hotels, restaurants and other similar activities or services are made solely for your convenience and are at your risk. The providers of such services are independent contractors and are not acting as agents or representatives of DISCOVERY Events or Supplier. In no event shall DISCOVERY Events or Supplier be liable for any accident, injury or harm to you that occurs off the Vessel, hotel or resort as a result of any acts, omissions or negligence of any third parties or independent contractors. The Supplier shall in no event be liable to you for any contracts or understandings between you and DISCOVERY Events resulting from your claim for the return of any monies collected by DISCOVERY Events with respect to your DISCOVERY Events trip and you hereby agree to look solely to DISCOVERY Events to collect any such sums.


You shall be liable to, and shall reimburse DISCOVERY Events and Supplier for, any damage to the Vessel, the transport, hotel, resort or any property of DISCOVERY Events or Supplier caused directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by any wilful or negligent act or omission on your part; and you shall further indemnify DISCOVERY Events and Suppliers and all of their agents and servants against all liability which DISCOVERY Events and Supplier may incur for any personal injury, death or damage to property caused directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by any wilful or negligent act or omission on your part. You shall be liable to DISCOVERY Events and Supplier for any fines or penalties imposed on DISCOVERY Events or Supplier by any authorities for your failure to observe or comply with local governmental laws or regulations, including requirements relating to immigration, customs or excise.


Changes to Itinerary or Vacation Details


In the unlikely event that a major change (involving a change in hotel or ship, departure or return date, departure city or destination) becomes necessary, DISCOVERY Events will attempt to notify you as soon as possible. If you find the revised arrangements unacceptable, you will have the option to cancel without charge provided that you notify us in writing within 7 days of your receipt of notice of the change, but not later than the date of departure. In the event of a change, DISCOVERY Events will try to substitute comparable services. Cruise ship itineraries are always subject to change without notice and any alterations except to embarkation points shall not be considered a major change.


In the event of strikes, lockouts, stoppages of labor, riots, weather conditions, mechanical difficulties, hostilities, acts of terrorism, civil commotion, or any other reason whatsoever, Supplier has the right to cancel, advance, postpone, or substitute any scheduled itinerary or port of call without prior notice. Neither Supplier nor DISCOVERY Events shall be responsible for any failure to adhere to published arrival and departure times for any of its ports of call.


DISCOVERY Events reserves the right to (1) cancel the trip at any time prior to departure and refund all monies in full settlement of its obligations, and (2) decline to accept or retain any person as a member of the trip.


Cancellation and Transfer Policies by Atlantis 


Cancellation by the passenger

The Passenger may cancel the travel contract at any time prior the start of the cruise. Notices of cancellation must be given in writing. The notice will become effective on the date on which it is received by DISCOVERY Events or, as the case may be, by the travel agency that made the original booking. In the event of cancellation by the Passenger, DISCOVERY Events shall have the right to charge the following flat-rate cancellation fees to cover travel preparations made and any expenses:


- Up to 91 days prior departure: 30%

- 90 to 60 days prior departure 40%

- 60 to 31 days prior departure 100%

- 30 to 1 day prior departure and now-show 100%


For his/her own protection the passenger is advised to take out insurance against cancellation of the travel contract or premature termination of the cruise if this is not already part of the cruise package. We provide a wide range of insurance offers. The cancellation fee provisions also apply to cancellations of combined air/sea travel, to cancel- lations of feeder flights included in the package or booked additionally and to cancellations of any other arrangements for travelling to or from the ship. If the cancellation fees charged to DISCOVERY Events by service providers exceed the amounts recoverable by the cancellation fees above, then DISCOVERY Events shall have the right to charge higher cancellation fees up to a maximum of the cruise fare. Cancellation fees are due and payable imme- diately upon cancellation. The Passenger shall have the right to demon- strate to DISCOVERY Events that DISCOVERY Events has suffered no loss as a result of the cancellation or that the loss suffered is materially less than the amount of the cancellation fee charged.

If the cancellation conditions of the shipping lines or other service providers or hotels participating in DISCOVERY Events programmes differ from the above, the differing conditions shall apply, provided that this is expressly indicated in the booking confirmation.

The departure date as defined above is the actual date you are originally scheduled to depart, regardless of the group departure date.


Traveler substitutions (name changes) are allowed at the current published fares plus a charge of €150, plus any charges imposed by Supplier, including without limitation air carriers. You must notify DISCOVERY Events of any such substitution in writing at least 7 days prior to departure. Transferability of airline tickets varies by carrier and shall be your sole responsibility. DISCOVERY Events offers and strongly recommends purchasing trip cancellation insurance.


Photographic Release


DISCOVERY Events hires photographers and staff who will be producing promotional and publicity pictures and video during your trip. Whether or not signed by you, this Agreement shall be deemed to be an agreement by you, and on behalf of all other persons traveling under this Ticket and hereby to grant DISCOVERY Events, its successor, licensees and assigns, all rights of every kind in perpetuity to the use of your photograph or likeness in all forms and media and in all manners, for marketing or any other lawful purposes, without limitations, at DISCOVERY Events' sole discretion. You hereby release DISCOVERY Events, cruise line and Supplier and their respective employees, principals, representatives, and agents from any liability, loss, expense, damages, or claims arising from distribution, broadcast, sale or use of your likeness or voice. If you do not desire to be part of future marketing materials, you may rescind this release in writing upon arrival or at any time prior to your return from the program. After your return, the right to so rescind shall be forever waived.


Additional Information


This Agreement and your relationship with DISCOVERY Events shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the EU applicable to contracts made and to be performed entirely within the EU. You hereby expressly agree that any legal suit, arbitration or proceeding arising out of or relating to this Agreement or your DISCOVERY Events trip shall be instituted by either party in the City of Berlin, State of Berlin, Germany and, by the execution and delivery of this Agreement, you expressly waive any objection which you may have now or hereafter to venue or to the jurisdiction of any such suit, arbitration, action or proceeding, and irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of any such court or body in Berlin, Germany.


In the event of any action at law or in equity between you and DISCOVERY Events arising from or in connection with this Agreement or your DISCOVERY Events trip, the prevailing party shall recover attorney fees and other costs incurred in addition to any other relief.




This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and DISCOVERY Events pertaining to the subject matter hereof and supersedes any prior or contemporaneous agreements, representations, negotiations or understandings between the parties not herein expressly set forth. DISCOVERY Events may assign, convey or transfer its rights under this Agreement without your prior written consent or approval.


Privacy Policy


DISCOVERY Events values and respects your privacy and treats all our customer contacts with the utmost integrity.

If you request information from DISCOVERY Events we promise you the following:

We will never rent or sell your name or e-mail address to a third party

We will only send you the communications you actually request

We will always identify our e-mails and mail pieces with our corporate name

We will promptly remove your name from our list upon request

If you have any questions about this policy, please call us at +49 30 26306058 or send an email to contact

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Die Daten werden für die Dauer der Geschäftsbeziehung gespeichert, mindestens jedoch entsprechend den gesetzlichen Aufbewahrungspflichten.

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